Tour & Features of ServerMonitoringHQ

The latest information for all your servers on 1 screen.

This screen updates every minute to coincide with the statistics we're gathering from your servers.

  • Server load showing how much work your server has done in the last minute.
  • Easily tab through server, monitoring settings and server contacts.
  • The percentage usage of memory shown for each server.

Drill down for a comprehensive real time overview of server statistics.

A one page summary of everything that's happening on your server.

  • Get a quick glance at all your disks and how full they are.
  • A live display of current bandwidth usage and data rate.
  • Tabs allow you to drill down further and see historical data per server.

Memory usage graphed over 24 hours, 7 days and 12 months.

Excellent for predicting memory trends and spotting unexpected meory usage.


Load usage graphed over 24 hours, 7 days and 12 months.

ServerMonitoringHQ also show you a live top pulled from your server.


It's so easy to set the criteria for sending out alerts.

ServerMonitoringHQ can monitor load, memory, bandwidth. Altogether or individually.


Bandwidth usage graphed over 7 days, 1 week and 12 months.

Bandwidth spikes are often a good indicator off server intrusion.


We record all incidents that exceed limits you set.

It's easy to configure alerts based on these incidents with contact escalation.