Get notified BEFORE your server goes down, not afterwards.

Server Monitoring from as little as $0.50 per server per month.

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Installed and running in Seconds

Installing our simple bash script on your servers takes just a few seconds.

The bash script is called by a crontab and sends statistics to our servers.

CPU, Memory, Bandwidth and Disk Monitoring

Just by monitoring these 4 items you can pre-empt most server down time.

A hack attempt on your server will generally trigger alerts.

TCP Port and Web Page monitoring

MySQL down ? A simple monitor on port 3306 will spot this.

Port and web page monitoring is configured directly from the ServerMonitoringHQ management interface.

Historic Data and Graphs for 1 Year

Predict memory, bandwidth usage and load trends with 24 hour, 7 day and 1 year graphs.

See how your server responds to load testing.

" Page monitoring, disk monitoring, easy to install. Everything you could want from a competitive monitoring solution. Sign up you won't regret it. "

David Smith, London (
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Alert Escalation

Configure alert escalations. e.g. Contact support after 5 mins, managers after 1 hour.

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Fine Tune Triggers

Only want to monitor disk space ? SMHQ can monitor disks for one team and CPU for another.

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Free SMS Alerts

SMS and email alerts are free. We'll be adding twitter alerts soon too.

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1 Minute Granularity

We can monitor servers down to 1 minute resolution so you see issues as soon as they happen.

"We had a CPU load alert from ServerMonitoringHQ 2 days ago. We're sure the heads up saved us from a potential outage on a production server."

Ian Scott, Montreal (